I still don’t know what it was

For one of our last mornings in Spain, Adam, Carlene and I decided to grab breakfast and walk around the city today. After grabbing a chocolate croissant at La Mallorquina, a bakery that has been around for more than 100 years, we headed into a quiet neighborhood to explore. We walked down through the narrow, quaint streets of the neighborhood and were about to turn back when we spotted what looked like to be a small concert going on, but it turned out to be something quite different.  While there was one woman who was playing the drums, there were four other men in black clothes standing in front large horse head costumes. Not long after arriving, the four men mounted the horses on their backs and started dancing to the intense drumming. It was fine for a bit, but then they started charging into the crowd and spinning around, hitting people in the head with the horse tails. We had literally no idea what was going on but somehow we found ourselves being attacked by men in horse costumes being conducted by a woman who looks like pebbles Flintstone. It’s what I imagine going to Burning Man would be like, except instead of tripping out in the middle of the desert I was just trying to take a nice walk through a quiet neighborhood. Thankfully we somehow made it out alive to report another day.


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