Hasta Luego…

Barcelona has just kept getting better and better the longer we’ve stayed here, but it has quickly come to an end. Here is a dump of my post recent photos from today and some photos that I haven’t gotten to share yet. When I first signed up to go to Barcelona it was little more than just a name on a map. Even though these two weeks have felt like only a few days, everything about Barcelona has immediately made it feel like home. There are so many things I will immediately miss; the host family, Gustavo (one of the coolest dogs in the world), the beautiful little streets, the great people from the program and so many more… I know I’ve gone on about how much I love the charming streets, amazing cafes and welcoming people, but the most lasting memories will be from all of the new people I’ve gotten to know. I’m excited to head to Madrid with the rest of the group but I’m sad to have to leave Oscar and Inma behind. They have been such a quintessential part of making my Barcelona experience great that I cannot thank them enough. Inma has given great tours, had great advice on stories and been so sweet throughout the trip. Oscar has been able to immerse me and so many other students in the culture through translating and providing us with contacts that my experience here would not have been nearly as memorable without him. Hopefully the handler and translator in Madrid will be half as good as they were here.

Apart from all of that, one of the things that will stick in my mind the most is the subtle charm of the old streets. When I photograph I try and forget my preconceptions and lose myself in the environment. I know it sounds sappy, but it has been the perfect place to do that. Every corner provides an intriguing and interesting location. The diverse residents of Barcelona provide a perfect subject to place in a beautiful setting. There is something about the streets of the old town here that immediately connects with me. I still wish that my photography skills were better to better do it justice.

Thankfully the entire trip isn’t ending yet though. I’ve learned so much in Barcelona so far and I’m excited to go into Madrid with new knowledge to make the photographs and stories even better. I’m not sure when I’ll come back to Barcelona but I will definitely return whenever I get the chance.


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