Today was another successful trip. Just like last Saturday, I dragged myself out of bed, hopped on the bus, immediately passed out, and woke up to find myself in a beautiful location. This time it was Montserrat. The vertical rock faces and steep mountain cliffs really blew me away. It reminded me of driving through the red rock areas of Utah because of its similar winding roads and smooth rock. The combination of the strange landscape, beautiful architecture and a cable car and trolley gliding up and down the mountain made the whole location seem unreal. Even though my feet and legs are sore from running around Barcelona for the past week, the amazing scenery helped keep me going. And seeing statues of Jesus carrying the cross scattered throughout the hike made me realize things could probably be worse. Once we were done with the walk we were able to head up to the monastery where we were greeted by the overwhelming sound of church bells that echoed throughout the courtyard and plaza. Spain keeps surprising me in the best ways possible. Like always, the only thing I wish is that I could slow down time to be able to soak it all in.


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