Double Take: Barri Gòtic Part II

The days are going by faster and faster. As the time in Barcelona wraps up and people finish their stories, there seems to be only less time to do more things. The photos for the articles are going relatively well and my photo essays are coming along, but in addition to all of this I can’t get enough of the Gothic district. Almost every morning I wake up early before class and head over to take it all in. Even though I’ve visited multiple times for many hours, the mystery and charm hasn’t faded on me. There are always a new detail or small side street I hadn’t noticed before. From my experience photographing in Boston, the more I photograph one specific area that truly interests me, only the more interesting it gets. Even though of course I haven’t seen all of the areas of Barcelona yet, the Gothic Quarter is providing me with so much I can’t resist to go anywhere else right now. I am sad to leave Barcelona so soon, but I feel that through all of my lone ramblings through the narrow quiet streets I will be able to take part of it with me.


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