Sunday Football

Even though I didn’t spend my Sunday at the beach, my skin still got thoroughly cooked. After a long hibernation through the winter in Boston, my ghostly skin was not prepared for the blistering Spanish sun. Adam, Oscar and I spent almost all of the day watching youth football games for an article, facing one direction, so now the entire left side of my body is torched. But now the plus side is that now I could star as Two Face in the next Batman movie. I can only hope that this red outer shell will soon fall off so I will become beautifully bronzed and be able to blend in with the local Spaniards.

Aside from the mild roasting, it was a very good day reporting out in the field. I was able to take many photos of a football match for Adam’s article, and we were even able to celebrate a hard day’s work by finally getting tapas. Life as a reporter in Barcelona is not too bad…


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